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  • Unusually dry and sunny. Feb 15 - I was able to put tomato and onion seedlings outside into a greenhouse to enjoy the sunshine (3 hours).



  • Lots of snow, but it was not as cold as January 2007


  • Feb 22 - tomato and brassicas seedlings in a cold frame for 3 hours (first time)
  • Feb 29 - lettuce and brassicas outside in a cold frame


  • This month has been much colder than usual. The daily high temps in the second part of March are 3-5 degrees C lower than the historical average high.
  • March 16, 17 - the coldest days with snowflakes and ~0-1 degrees C in the morning.
  • Only brassicas and lettuces seedlings were brought outside during the day, and brought back inside for most of the nights. Tomato and pepper seedlings have been grown under lights all month.


  • Average high: 14C (50F)
  • Average low: 3C (38F)
  • Much colder than usual, we had frosts as late as April 22 - down to 28F (our last frost date is supposed to be April 4).
  • Practically no rain this month, which is also very unusual for the area. Frequent hail and some snow.
  • 2-3" of snow and hail on April 19.
  • Down to almost 32F on April 30.
  • Cherry fruit trees started to bloom on April 30, which is 2-3 weeks later than last year.
  • Daily high temps are 5-8 degrees F below historical average.


  • Average high: 16-17 C (64-66 F)
  • Average low: 6 C (44F)
  • May 2: night temperature was down to 32F.
  • Nights warmed up significantly starting May 3. (42-46F)
  • Very few rainy days, unusually dry. Day temps are lower than average in the first half of the month, but it warmed up significantly in the 2nd half.
  • Tomato planting: May 4 (unheated greenhouse)
  • Beans planting: May 5-9
  • Cucumber planting: May 5-10 (unheated greenhouse)
  • Pepper planting: May 11 (cold frames)


  • Average high: 19-20C (70-72F)
  • Average low: 9C (50F)
  • Much colder and wetter than usual. Daily temps are 12-16C (46-54F).
  • June 5 and June 9 are the coldest days - high temps were 52F and 54F respectively. Heavy rain on June 9.


  • Very dry month overall, except the cold rainy spells last week of July.
  • Nice warm weather, with some hot days (25C/78F), then it became cooler than normal towards the end of July (daily high 20C/68F).
  • Night temperatures were mostly in the 10-14C range, with some 8C nights at the end of the month.
  • Cold rain all day July 29, and rainy weather until the end of the month. Lowest daily high 15C.
  • Harvest: cucumbers, bush beans, some garlic, Spanish onions, potatoes, some cherry tomatoes.


  • First half of the month was sunny and hot (~80+ F). This weather lasted only 2 weeks.
  • On August 18, heavy non-stop rains started and continued through the end of the month. The temperatures dropped significantly and did not exceed 66F (high).


  • First frost - November 23, much later than the average first frost date.


  • Much colder than usual.
  • Below 0C temperatures in the second part of December. 12C below historical average temperatures.
  • Dec 13-14 - 0.5" of snow on the ground.
  • Dec 22-31 - heavy snowfall, 3' snow in the garden.
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