Sosulka Chernaya

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Sosulka Chernaya
Maturity midseason
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color black, brown
Fruit shape plum
Fruit size small
Fruit type canner, paste
Variety type stabilized accidental cross
Country Ukraine


Medium sized, brown, pointed salad/paste type. Sweet complex flavor, firm texture. Keeps well and ripens well off of the vine. Semi-det. for me in Seattle at 3-4 feet tall. Late season until frost.
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Year: 2012

Location: Seattle, WA


  • Discovered by Aleksey Kulik of Ukraine in his tomato fields. He does not remember the original variety that gave birth to the accidental cross, other than that it had pink plum shaped fruits. Aleksey Kulik selected a segregation with black elongated fruits and shared it with his partner and friend Denis Terentiev, who offered the seeds commercially in Ukraine and Russia after it was stabilized.
  • First introduced commercially in North America by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds under its translated name Black Icicle.
  • Tatiana's note: We do not support names translation, as it leads to confusion and the same variety being offered under different names. Please always use the original variety name to avoid confusion and preserve variety's roots and history. All the translated names are considered to be 'marketing' names, and not actual variety names.

Russian name: Чёрная сосулька

The name means 'Black Icicle' in Russian.

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Facts about Sosulka ChernayaRDF feed
CountryUkraine +
Fruit colorblack + and brown +
Fruit shapeplum +
Fruit sizesmall +
Fruit typecanner + and paste +
Growth habitindet. +
Leafregular +
Maturitymidseason +
MemberWA KO T +
Variety typestabilized accidental cross +
VendorBaker Creek Heirloom Seeds + and Trade Winds Fruit +
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