Brandywine, Cowlick's

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Brandywine, Cowlick's
Maturity midseason
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type potato
Fruit color pink
Fruit shape oblate, beefsteak
Fruit size large
Fruit type slicer
Variety type open-pollinated
Country USA
Tatiana Kouchnareva (B.C KO T). Cowlick's Brandywine - ripe fruit. 2010-09-28.


Indet., potato leaf plants, large dark pink round oblate beefsteak fruits with very dense flesh and excellent flavor, which was more sweet than acidic for me. 10-16 oz. Smaller seed cavities than Brandywine's, and slightly less juicy.

Seed source:

1. Theodore Corbett of Reichenbach-Steegen, Germany (GERM CO T) 10 / elkwc / Mike Henry, Pennsylvania
2. Darrel Jones, Alabama 13 / Blue Ribbon Tomatoes

Year grown: 2010(1), 2013(2)

Location: Zone 7b, PNW, Anmore, BC, Canada (760 ft above sea level)


Best production for Brandywine type in my garden. 1 lb plus, oblate beefsteak, indet., potato leaf, pink, 85 days.

Seed source:

Mike Henry, Pennsylvania 08

Year grown: 2010, 2011

Location: LaFollette, Tennessee, USA


  • Another strain of Brandywine, found by Mike Henry at a nursery called Cowlick's, hence it's name.
  • Mike Henry bought it as a plant in the mid 2000s. It was labeled Brandywine or Pink Brandywine, but outperformed all other strains of Brandywine tomatoes that Mike also grew in the same year. It was more productive, earlier, tasted better, and produced larger and prettier fruits. Mr. Henry first thought that this was Brandywine Sudduth's that was praised for the similar traits, but the subsequent growouts and comparisons with other strains of Brandywine convinced him that this strain is even better than Sudduth's. He named it 'Cowlick's Brandywine' after the nursery where he originally purchased the plant.
  • Mr. Mike Henry shared the seeds with many tomato gardeners in the U.S., Canada, Phillipines and Europe, as well as with local nurseries.

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