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Maturity midseason
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color red
Fruit shape beefsteak
Fruit size large
Fruit type slicer
Variety type


healthy indet. plants with regular leaf foliage, moderate production of huge red beefsteaks, 12-20 oz, very meaty, wonderful rich flavor.
2009 notes
I got one plant producing golden fruits that were identical to Chapman fruits in every aspect other than fruit color. See Chapman Gold.
Seed Source 
Reimer Seeds / CA BL L 06 (Linda Black, CA) / IL LO N 04 (Neil Lockhart of Oblong, Illinois) / NY MA C 95 (Carolyn Male of Latham, New York) / NY RI R 93 (Robert W. Richardson of Phelps, New York)|2009}}


80 days, indet., regular foliage, 12 oz to 2 lb fruit with excellent taste and yield.
Reimer Seeds / NY MA C 95 (Carolyn Male of Salem, New York) / NY RI R 93 (Robert W. Richardson, Phelps, New York)

Location: Oblong, Illinois


Late, relatively compact indet., regular leaf. Plant struggled for me from the beginning, only produced 2 fruit, a 12 oz and a 22 oz fruit shown sliced in the picture to the right. Fruit was very tasty, will have to give it another try at some point.
Reimer Seeds / TX AN S 06 (Susan Anderson, Texas) / NY MA C 05 (Carolyn Male of Salem, New York) / NY RI R 93 (Robert W. Richardson, Phelps, New York)

Year: 2007

Location: Connecticut


80 days, indet., regular leaf plants, medium to med-large red beefsteaks with great flavor and texture.
Reimer Seeds / NY MA C 05 (Carolyn Male of Salem, New York) / NY RI R 93 (Robert W. Richardson, Phelps, New York)

Year: 2006

Location: Bastrop, Texas


This was one of my favorite tomatoes in 2016. The fruits were extra wide (which is nice if you have an extra-large sandwich), but very shiny and perfect-looking. The flavor and texture would go well with a tuna sandwich. The fruits were mostly about 2lbs each. Production was decent.

Seed source:

Reimer Seeds / Cole_Robbie of (received in 2015)

Year grown: 2016

Location: New Plymouth, Idaho


  • Introduced in Seed Savers 1994 Yearbook by Robert W. Richardson of Phelps, New York (NY RI R). Although Mr. Richardson did not mention anything about the seed source in his SSE listing, it is very possible that he may have received the seeds from Cindy Tibbetts of Turner, Maine. Cindy got the seed from her Aunt Laurette and Uncle Arthur Chapman.
  • This is what Brian and Cindy Tibbetts, the owners of Hummingbiird Farm, wrote about their Chapman's Beefsteak ([1]):
"Several years ago, Brian's aunt and uncle had a market garden here in Turner. They saved seeds from some beefsteak tomatoes they were especially fond of, each year keeping seed from the largest fruit. These were not pretty tomatoes - they were so big they were flattened out like saucers and they tended to crack. But they were BIG, very productive and very good tasting. Sometime in the late 1980's or early 1990's, Aunt Laurette gave us a couple of these tomatoes that were, well, past their prime and told us to keep the seeds from them. At the time, we were growing a lot of heirloom tomatoes in our garden and were swapping seeds with gardeners in other parts of the country. One of those folks was a member of Seed Savers Exchange and he offered these tomatoes (we were calling them Chapman's Beefsteak by then) to other gardeners. They proved quite popular and a couple of years ago we were able to tell Aunt Laurette that several people were growing and preserving her seeds. (Uncle Arthur had, unfortunately, passed away.)"

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