Chocolate Pear

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Chocolate Pear
Maturity midseason
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color black
Fruit shape pear, oval
Fruit size small
Fruit type paste, canner, cooking
Variety type open-pollinated
Country USA


Small pear shaped cherry with red-brown color, excellent flavor (top 3 in 2012 Seattle taste tests), OUTSTANDING keeping qualities on vine and off, indet. vines bear until frost, mid season.
Terroir Seeds 12

Year: 2012

Location: Seattle, Washington


Quite small, brown pear tomatoes, with great flavor. This was my very first variety to set and ripen fruit after the transplant out of about a hundred (even before Matina). It was much earlier than the stated 70-days. It set about seven to ten fruits before most tomaotes had even one (let alone flowers). I transplanted in May (after starting it in March in an unheated greenhouse) and the first ripe fruit came at the end of June. My plant didn't grow large. It didn't produce all-season. I think it was a fluke (since every other review makes it sound a lot like Yellow Pear in productivity and plant size). Whatever the case, I saved seeds to try again in 2017.

Seed source: (ordered 2 Dec 2015)

Year grown: 2016

Location: New Plymouth, Idaho


  • This tomato was developed by one of Terroir Seeds 's growers over several years, who selected for the light red color overlaid with both green and brown hues and pear-shaped fruits.

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