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Location: Delta, Utah, USA
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Delectation of Tomatoes, etc. is a micro-farm founded in 2011. It's mission includes:
  • Promoting self-reliance by offering a wide variety of seeds, with an emphasis on tomatoes
  • Encouraging people to raise their own food through ecologically responsible and sustainable methods
  • Facilitating enjoyment of food by offering a wide variety of seeds, seedlings and fresh produce
  • Working with gardeners and farmers to implement technologies that will permit growing warm season crops for 8-12 months per year, even at high elevations or where growing seasons are short.

Nearly 3,000 varieties of seeds are available, more than half of these tomatoes. Among these are featured:

  • Seeds from lineages of DOCUMENTED giant tomatoes grown by top-notch growers from around the world
  • One of the best collections (>300) of varieties which are claimed to grow to 2 lbs. or more
  • Best-tasting medium to large varieties, based upon published results of numerous taste test events
  • Exceptionally productive varieties
  • Family heirlooms from more than 30 countries, with USA, Russia and Italy heavily represented
  • Distictive and unusual varieties

Website is still far from complete but is functioning reasonably well. In addition to the 1,440 varieties listed here, there are an additional 600+ varieties listed only on the Delectation of Tomatoes website or blog because they are intentional crosses, hybrids in process of dehybridizing, varieties of uncertain origin, and so on.

List of 1,440 Tomato Varieties Available as of March 2017

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