Dixie Golden Giant

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Dixie Golden Giant
Maturity midseason
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color yellow, golden
Fruit shape globe, oblate
Fruit size large
Fruit type slicer
Variety type heirloom
Country USA


Indet., regular leaf, very large bright yellow beefsteaks, 8-14 oz. Fruits are very meaty, with small seed locules. Nice fresh mild flavor, slightly acidic. (20 seeds / packet)
Seed Source 
Reimer Seeds / Carrie Jones of Covington, Washington 09|2012}}


85 days, indet., regular foliage, 12 oz to 1+ lb, gold fruit with good taste, excellent yield.
Reimer Seeds / NY MA C 95 (Carolyn Male of Salem, New York) / USDA (?)

Location: Oblong, Illinois


  • An heirloom grown by an Amish family since the 1930s.
  • First introduced in the SSE 1994 Yearbook by Ron E. Thuma of Hartford, Kansas (KS TH R). Ron still offers it in the 2008 Yearbook and describes it as follows:
"80 days, heirloom lemon-yellow beefsteak type, large plant, good cover, huge fruit (some over 2 lbs) with few seeds, good flavor, high yielding, from KS TH R 93, grown by an Amish family since 1930s, Minnie Zaccaria of Long Branch, NJ acquired from Austin Isaacs of McKee KY after we had searched for it for 5 years, SSE TOMATO 3166."
"81-85 days, small fruits, greenhouse type, oblate shape, yellow color, indeterminate, low acid, sets at high & low temperatures. Hastings Seed Co., Okla. 8/68 Resistance to: fusarium, cracking, blossom end rot, grey leaf mold, rot, vertic. wilt, late blight, leaf mold, nail hd rust, stem. wilt, col. rot, altenaria, curly top, spotted wilt, early blight, root knot, spotted wilt virus, etc. Adapted to Mechan. harvesting.

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