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Maturity early
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color red
Fruit shape round
Fruit size medium
Fruit type slicer
Variety type hybrid
Country former GDR


indet., round red medium size fruit, slightly acidic well balanced flavor, juicy 6-10 oz, abundant yields.
Ulla Grall, Germany

Year: 2007

Location: Drain, OR


  • Andrew Still of Oregon (OR ST A) received the seed from Ulla Grall, Germany in winter 2006-2007 when he and his partner, Sarah Kelleger, travelled to Europe to collect vegetable seeds for their Seed Ambassadors Project. Ulla Grall received this heirloom from an old woman in the former East Germany, a favorite there in dacha gardens before the fall of the Soviet Union, thought to be lost for many years.
  • First introduced to SSE 2008 Yearbook by Andrew Still (OR ST A).
  • The name means 'Resin Fire' in German, but it is really named after the mountains in the center of Germany, that lie at the borderline of the seperated Germany. Harzfeuer was a tomato that was common in Eastern Germany. Not unique, because everyone tried his own Harzfeuer tribe due to lack of the seeds in the time before the re-union. The CV that introduced Harzfeuer improved on all variations later with Harzglut, a better released hybrid. Maybe that is how Andrew got a "sport" of the original.

Seed Availability

Year Commercial Vendors Seed Savers Yearbook (Member listings) Seeds of Diversity (Member listings)
2018 . .
2017 . .
2016 . .
2015 . .
2014 . .
2013 . .
2012 . .
2011 . .
2010 . .
2009 2 (1 as Harzfeuer / 1 as Hartz Feuer (wrong)) .
2008 1 .
2007 0 .

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