Kukla's Portuguese Paste

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Kukla's Portuguese Paste
Maturity midseason
Growth habit
Leaf type regular
Fruit color red
Fruit shape
Fruit size
Fruit type paste
Variety type


  • Portuguese origin?
  • Named in honor of Larry Kukla, who collected fruits from Joe [last name?], who probably immigrated from Portugal. Larry shared some fruits with Jackie [last name?]. As Joe spoke little or no English, and Larry Kukla passed away shortly after sharing the fruits with Jackie, she could not find more information about the original name of this tomato.
  • Carolyn Male received the seeds from Jackie and shared them with Tomatoville members as part of her annual seed offer in January 2012.
  • May be unstable, as Carolyn Male noted some pink fruits showing up in the growouts. Please select for red fruits only.

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