Leadbeatter's Lunker

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Leadbeatter's Lunker
Maturity midseason
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color red
Fruit shape beefsteak
Fruit size large
Fruit type slicer
Variety type open-pollinated
Country Australia


Indeterminate, regular leaf, 84 days. Attractive, large red fruits with moderate fluting and significant seed locule hollowness. Flavor is excellent - surprisingly sweet, melt-in-your mouth. Exceptionally productive, with 50+ lbs. per plant possible with proper cultivation. Most fruits will be in the 1-2 lb. range, though Rodney has grown several to over 4 lbs., with his award-winning largest coming in at 4.905 lbs. My largest, with no special attention, was 1.758 lb. with several over 1.5 lb. Soft fruits can be prone to cracking and are not good keepers. Very low seed production. May be semi-indeterminate as plants only grew to 5'. Shows some similarity to Aussie, but ultimate lineage cannot be known.
Rodney Leadbeatter, Nullamanna, New South Wales, Australia

Year: 2012 Location: Zone 7a, Salt Lake Valley, Utah, USA (4,304 ft. above sea level)


  • Regarding his award winning 2.225 kg (4.905 lb.) tomato, Rodney Leadbeatter wrote the following on 3/24/2012 at Big Pumpkins forum (quoted here with minor editing):
"Hi all. I have been growing giant tomatoes for approximately 15 years using a strain which turned up in my cousin’s lawn clipping pile so no name for strain. My largest before this was 2.025 kg in 2007 (from a megabloom of course) and over the years 1.3 kg or larger per season was common. I pruned to a single leader and allowed the biggest per truss to stay. My plants were around 4 ft tall. I have also held the record at the national tomato contest in Gunnedah of 1.820 kg entered in 2002, which has been running for 32 years". – Rod.
  • Rod and other giant tomato growers tossed around several names for this variety and settled on Leadbeatter's Lunker.

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