Leningradskiy Skorospelyi

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Leningradskiy Skorospelyi
Maturity early
Growth habit semi-det.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color red
Fruit shape oblate, ribbed
Fruit size small
Fruit type salad, canner
Variety type open-pollinated, commercial
Country Russia
Tatiana Kouchnareva (B.C KO T). Leningradskiy Skorospelyi - ripe fruit. 2008-09-02.


Relatively early maturing, semi-det. regular leaf plant with a heavy yield of oblate, slightly lobed red fruits, 3-4 oz, very juicy, very good flavor.

Seed source:

Andrey Baranovski of Minsk, Belarus (BELR BA A) 07

Year grown: 2008

Location: Zone 7b, PNW, Anmore, BC, Canada (760 ft above sea level)


  • Russian variety, bred by VNIIR (St. Petersburg), supposedly from an unknown Latvian variety.
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), PI 355107. Donated to USDA in 1970 from the former USSR (Vavilov Inst. of Plant Industry, Leningrad). Maintained by Vavilov Institute (VIR) since 1955.
  • First offered in the Seed Savers 2009 Yearbook by Tatiana Kouchnareva, Anmore, BC (B.C KO T), seeds from Andrey Baranovski of Minsk, Belarus (BELR BA A).

Also known as

Russian name: Ленинградский Скороспелый

The name means 'Fast-maturing from Leningrad' in Russian.

Description in Russian

  • Относится к группе ультраскороспелых сортов, Созревание в условиях Северо-Запада начинается 20-25 июля. За счет высокой скороспелости уходит от поражения фитофторозом. Не требует пасынкования. К середине августа происходит практически полная отдача урожая. Куст штамбовый, высотой 25-30 см. Плод круглый, красного цвета, весом 50-60 г.

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