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1884 Purple#001 +1884 Purple, 75-80 days, indet., regular leaf plant with average yield of lovely, purple-pink beefsteak fruits, sometimes with apple green shoulders, 12-24 oz, outstanding flavor.
1884#001 +1884, Vigorous, indet., regular leafed plants. Late, probably around 90 days (estimating from records). Large pink fruits usually weigh around 1lb/450g. Excellent flavour quality in Midwest. Rich flavour that is not based on sweetness. People who tried it remarked "old fashioned flavour" or "like Grandpa's." Some cracking or weather checking of shoulders. Occasionally some green shoulders may persist after ripening.


42 Days#001 +42 Days, Round red fruit, not 42 days, but earlier than other varieties, regular leaf.


506 Dwarf Bush Early#001 +506 Dwarf Bush Early, 60 days, det., regular leaf, 8-12 oz red fruit, delicious, a favorite., 506 Dwarf Bush Early,
506 Dwarf Bush Early#002 +506 Dwarf Bush Early, 65-70 days, det., regular leaf, 5-10 oz red fruit, good flavor. Plants get about 2' tall, good for containers., 506 Dwarf Bush Early,


97L97#001 +97L97, Determinate, regular leafed plants. Midseason. Orange paste fruits. High beta-carotene (vitamin A) breeding line for improving nutritional quality of processing tomatoes used for paste, juices and sauces. About 10x greater beta-carotene than normal tomatoes. Adapted for eastern and midwestern production. This line does not do as well under California growing conditions., 97L97,


Abe Hall#001 +Abe Hall, 85 days, indet., regular leaf plant, good yields of 1 lb pink beefsteak fruit, very good flavor.
Abe Lincoln#001 +Abe Lincoln, 6-12 oz round, red, a good canner, introduced by the Buckbee Seed Co. in 1923, not the same variety as [[Abraham Lincoln]].
Abraham Lincoln#001 +Abraham Lincoln, Large vines need caging or staking, 85 days, mostly 6-8 oz for me with an occasional larger fruit, slightly oblate dark-red meaty and juicy fruits, very good flavor., Abraham Lincoln,
Absinthe#001 +Absinthe, green beefsteak tomato, seems to a garish green
Acme#001 +Acme, Late ripening stick variety with normal tomato leaves. The fruits are large, up to a diameter of 13 cm and weighing 400 g. The color of my fruits is dark purple. Varieties with rose fruits or potato leaves are also listed under the same name. The taste of this beef steak comes to me compared to other tomatoes of a similar size.
Adam 1#001 +Adam 1, 70 days, det., compact regular leaf plant, 2.25 x 1.75" round ribbed red fruit, SSE TOMATO 3669.
Adelia#001 +Adelia, 78 days, indet., regular leaf, excellent yield of great tasting beautiful deep red fruit with 6-point starburst on blossom end, keeps well.
Admiraltejskij#001 +Admiraltejskij, red tomato, most fruits with three seed cavities, midseason, regular leaf, indet.
African Beefsteak#001 +African Beefsteak, 90 days, indet., regular leaf plant with good yield of 8-14 oz pink beefsteak fruit, very good flavor.
African Beefsteak, Orange#001 +African Beefsteak, Orange, 70-80 days, indet., 1+ lb oblate orange beefsteak fruit, prolific, sweet, good flavour. Will split in hot humid weather.
African Brown#001 +African Brown, It produces sweet, burnished copper colored, flattened globe shaped fruits, 3 to 4 inches wide with a small indent on the blossom end. Great for canning, cooking, or slicing. 75 day Indeterminate.
African Queen#001 +African Queen, 85 days, indet., potato leaf plant with a good yield of 12-20 oz pink beefsteak fruit with excellent flavor.
African Queen#002 +African Queen, Large oblate, slightly irregular pink beefsteak. Indet, Potato Leaf on medium large plants. Consistently delivers fruit over 1 lb. 80 days. This one is in my garden every year.
African Togo#001 +African Togo, The dwarf, regular leaved plants, produce pink, ruffled, somewhat acidic fruits, that are 1-1/2 inches wide, and about 3 oz. They are slightly larger than a large cherry tomato, and may have a cute little 'nubbin' on the blossom end. However, the fruit I grew, was catfaced on the bottom instead. 75 day Determinate.
African Vining#001 +African Vining, 70-80 days, indet., regular leaf, pink heart-shaped fruit up to 1 lb. Rapid growing slender vine, reasonably productive. Heart shaped to pointed paste in hot weather., African Vining,
Agatha#001 +Agatha, Compact plant yields lots of very tasty saladette-sized tomatoes. Determinate, regular leaf, red fruit. Firm flesh with a touch of that "Old Fashioned" zing. early season, 65 days.
Ailsa Craig, Yellow#001 +Ailsa Craig, Yellow, Indet., regular leaf, 2-4 oz yellow fruit. More flavour than Yellow Pear, but not a repeater for us. No BER, no splits. 8 lbs/plant.
Airyleaf#001 +Airyleaf, Medium sized vines benefit from caging or staking, 68 days, good producer of variably elongated fruit with pointed nipple, pink sometimes with greenish shoulder, good rich but mild flavor, sparse thin wispy foliage is well described by the variety's name., Airyleaf,
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