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Lucky Cross
Country USA  +
Description Indet., potato leaf, tall plant, late to b Indet., potato leaf, tall plant, late to bloom and set fruit, fruit shape is exactly like [[Brandywine]]'s, late to set fruit and late to ripen, but it is well worth it. Fruits are yellow with pink streaks inside, and turn darker as they continue ripening on the counter to almost solid red-pink at the blossom end. Excellent flavor. 8-16 oz. he blossom end. Excellent flavor. 8-16 oz.
Fruit color bi-color  +
Fruit shape beefsteak  +
Fruit size large  +
Fruit type slicer  +
Growth habit indet.  +
History * In growing out Brandywine in 1997 (from * In growing out Brandywine in 1997 (from seed saved in 1993), [[Craig LeHoullier]] noted a number of regular leaf seedlings. Unsure if this was a cross or mix up, he grew out one plant, which produced large, oblate pink fruit with distinct vertical gold stripes - a very unusual result. Assuming therefore he was looking at an F1 hybrid, he undertook growouts of saved seed over the next few years. The most promising produced large, smooth oblate bicolored fruit on a potato leaf plant with superb flavor. With a working name of Rainbow Brandywine, Craig was joined in stabilization efforts by a nearby North Carolina seed saver, Larry Bohs. Eventually the selection neared stabilization and Craig named it [[Lucky Cross]]. A second selection, essentially a smaller, rounder version with similarly excellent flavor, was also stabilized and named [[Little Lucky]]. In looking over his garden map of 1993, the experimental variety Tad grew nearby. ([[Tad]] was a variety named by Carolyn Male for seed saver and amateur breeder Tad Smith - it is the result of an effort to get a [[Tigerella]] type striping on large fruit with a bicolor interior. He started with a cross that included [[Old German]] with [[Tigerella]]. [[Tad]] ended up being a medium sized, nearly round yellow fruit with distinct gold stripes. It is nearly certain that [[Tad]] is indeed the source of the striped characteristic of the crossed Brandywine seed.) * No commercial sources were noted for 2004 in the [ Garden Seed Inventory 6th edition], but it is now available from a number of commercial vendors. * This variety first appeared in SSE 2002 Yearbook, listed by both Craig LeHoullier and Larry Bohs of NC (NC BO L), who helped Craig in stabilizing it. BO L), who helped Craig in stabilizing it.
Leaf potato  +
Maturity late  +
Member code Category:B.C KO T + , Category:IL LO N + , Category:MI FL J + , Category:TX GU R +
Related Little Lucky + , Lucky Cross X Cherokee Chocolate +
Seed source 1. Mireille Blais, Quebec, Canada 07 : 2. Jeff Fleming of Augusta, Michigan (MI FL J) 08 (''germination failure'') : 3. Rob Gee, Ohio 09 : 4. Darrel Jones, Alabama 13 / Craig LeHoullier of Raleigh, North Carolina (NC LE C) (''crossed seed'')
Variety type open-pollinated  +
Vendor Tatiana's TOMATObase Seeds + , Gleckler Seedmen + , Tomato Growers Supply + , TomatoFest + , Sand Hill Preservation Center + , Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds + , Casey's Heirloom Tomatoes of Airdrie + , J&L Gardens + , The Sample Seed Shop + , Trade Winds Fruit + , Delectation of Tomatoes + , Knapp's Fresh Vegies + , Double Helix Farms + , Gourmet Seed International +
Year grown 2008(1  + , 2)  + , 2010(3)  + , 2013(4 - ''crossed'')  + , 2014(1  +
Categories Tomato Variety List  + , Bi-Color Tomatoes  + , Indeterminate Tomatoes  + , Potato Leaf Tomatoes  + , Beefsteak Tomatoes  + , MI FL J  + , IL LO N  + , TX GU R  + , B.C KO T  + , B.C KO T '08  + , Tatiana's 2010 Growout List  + , Tatiana's 2013 Growout List  + , Tatiana's 2014 Growout List  +
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