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Country USA, Canada  +
Description Indet., potato leaf plant with purple/black beefsteak fruit, up to 10-12 oz. Excellent rich and sweet flavor. (''very limited, 10 seeds/ packet'')
Fruit color black  + , purple  +
Fruit shape round  + , oblate  +
Fruit size large  +
Fruit type slicer  +
Growth habit indet.  +
History * [[Pale Perfect Purple]] x [[Purple Price * [[Pale Perfect Purple]] x [[Purple Price]] cross. * Tad Smith crossed [[Pale Perfect Purple]] with [[Purple Price]] and sent seeds to Carolyn Male, and she sent seeds to Craig LeHoullier in 1994. Craig grew them out and saved seeds (vial 94-64 - this is F2 seed). * Denise Salmon, BC received the F2 seed from Craig, grew it in 2006 and selected the best line in the segregation ("C"). Denise described it as: : "''Likely not stable but delicious; really nice texture and complex, deep, sweet/tart flavour; meaty and juicy, outstanding flavor.''" * Craig LeHoullier's description of F1: : "''What Tad [Smith] succeeded in creating was the same uniform purple color - no dark shoulders - of [[Pale Perfect Purple]], but with the size of [[Price's Purple]], on a PL plant. I grew out a few of the F2s in 1996 - don't have detailed notes handy. Hy. Fruit; Ind., potato leaf, large oblate smooth dusky pink/purple, good.''" oblate smooth dusky pink/purple, good.''"
Leaf potato  +
Maturity midseason  +
Member code Category:B.C KO T + , Category:TX AN S +
Related Pale Perfect Purple + , Purple Price +
Seed source Denise Salmon, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 07 (F3) / Craig LeHoullier of Raleigh, North Carolina (NC LE C) 94 (F2, vial 94-64)
Vendor Tatiana's TOMATObase Seeds +
Year grown 2007(F4)  + , 2015(F5)  +
Categories Tomato Variety List  + , Black Tomatoes  + , Indeterminate Tomatoes  + , Potato Leaf Tomatoes  + , Beefsteak Tomatoes  + , Hybrid Tomatoes  + , De-hybridization Projects  + , B.C KO T  + , B.C SA D  + , TX AN S  + , Tatiana's 2015 Growout List  +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 15 February 2019 04:49:29  +
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