Tante Ci

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General Info

Tante Ci
Maturity early
Growth habit indet.
Leaf type regular
Fruit color yellow
Fruit shape globe
Fruit size medium
Fruit type salad
Variety type


  • Tante Ci (or Aunt Ci in English) is one of the few old Norwegian tomato varieties.
  • The description from the yearbook of the Norwegian Seeds Savers is as follows:
"Aunt Ci, is Cecilie Jensen, who ran the herb garden at the cathedral ruins. She got the seeds 25 years ago from a woman named Ansof. I think she has released a book about herbs. The family of Ansof had had the seeds for much longer. I checked my notes, and my aunt said that the seeds have been in Norway for about 100 years.
- Medium-large yellow tomatoes. Very good taste."
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