Amos Coli

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Amos Coli
Growth habit
Leaf type
Fruit color red
Fruit shape elongated, plum, oval
Fruit size
Fruit type paste, canner, cooking
Variety type family heirloom
Country USA


I did not have good luck with this variety, or any others for that matter as my garden was destroyed multiple times by hail storms.

Seed source:

Wild Boar Farms

Year grown: 2013

Location: Edmond, Oklahoma


  • Family heirloom.
  • Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms received the seed from Mr. Amos Coli, who approached Brad at National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa, California in 2012. Mr. Coli was born in Italy in 1926, and he had been growing this variety in the Santa Clara Valley for 59 years. This tomato originally came from Santa Clara Valley area, from a man named John whom had developed it from a cross he made 40-50 years prior to passing the seed to Mr. Coli. Mr. Coli was hoping that someone will continue to keep this variety alive.
  • First offered commercially by Wild Boar Farms in 2013.

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